30 June 2007

Stopping the moment...

The theme of the Crafting in Style "Stop the Moment Running Away" photography challenge for June was action photography.

Part 1: Freezing the action
I took zillions of photographs throughout the month, but this one was my favourite. It's not the most technically correct, but I love the lighting and I love how it captures the free spirit of my favourite little person.

Part 2: Panning the action
This was the part I found the most challenging. I had lots of fun playing with it, and my tripod got a huge workout too. (Now I know why the 'pan handle' got its name.) We went to a local park and I basically just let the "playing" happen, while I tried to keep up! This was one of my favourite photographs, and I got SO dizzy by the end of this photo shoot:

And this is my layout entry for the month, featuring some of my 'panning' photographs:


  1. fantastic photo!! I Love it!!

  2. brilliant photos. The layout has quite a giddy effect...I feel as though I've just gone round and round and round and round and...

  3. Wow!!! These photos are awesome Karen!!! Beautiful!!! Love the LO too!!!

  4. Karen your photography is awesome - I'm not getting the time to do much of it these days to any great degree but you are doing a fab job and your layouts are as usual truly inspiring - Well done.

  5. Hey Karen,

    Great photos and your layouts are great as well.

  6. Wow Karen...fantastic action shot on the roundabout!!
    ..and your layout is gorgeous too...
    Mardi x

  7. The photographs and your layout are wonderful. You are making me dizzy with the pan shot. Lol

  8. Wow, Karen, you're simply steaming ahead. I'm so happy for you and Jas too.

    Take care.

  9. what brilliant photographer you're becoming!!!!!!! You're already a fantastic scrapper, that LO is beautiful in it's colour & balance, so glad to see brighter pinks.
    The beach photo of Jas immediately brings to mind my favourite ever poem...footprints. Beautiful to see her spirit soaring, what a lucky little girl to be so loved. xo


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