14 June 2007

DO make a mess

I was reading a post by Stacy Julian on her blog, and it really, really hit home. I needed to read this. This message is perfect for me. This message inspires me:

Popsicles are fun. They should be eaten on the sunny side of the house, late in the afternoon. They should be allowed to drip down your chin and onto your clothes and even your toes. They should leave you totally "stickified" -- and yet, sometimes we moms get stressed about messes and stained T-shirts and sticky porch steps and ... and we come up with all kinds of mess-prevention initiatives, thinking we are doing a good thing. Its kinda like scrapbooking really. Scrapbooking should be fun. You should find a corner in your home and set up a little scrapbook nook and steal away 2 or 3 times a day to play (even for only 15 minutes!) You should feel like you can put any photo you have with any other photo you have and you should feel like you can tell your stories in any order you like -- you shouldn't worry about messing things up (not talking paper scraps here,) because perfection is completely overrated and if you persist in mess-prevention you could actually scrapbook your pictures and miss out on the most important memories. OK, here comes the punch line ... authentic ideas, important insights and inspiration are fleeting. If you aren't open to them, they will "melt" away, like a popsicle on a summer day.

Don't make it so hard -- do make a mess!
make time today to play with some pictures and products you love. Then mix in a bit of your perspective and watch something magical evolve.

Today I am feeling grateful for Stacy's message, and today I am inspired by... MESS.


  1. Hey KB :)

    What a wonderful little story. I might just take you up on it. Been "surfing" for a while and knew I should have been scrapping.

    Take care xoxo PB

  2. I love that story too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love that too!!! How true is it all:-)


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