29 March 2009

Passion 4 Fashion layouts (last ones)

Just sharing the last of my Passion 4 Fashion layouts for the challenge over at Scrap Boutique:

Week 5 ~ 1900's

This was my favourite layout of all of them. I just loved combining all the elements, especially playing with the pleating:

Week 6 ~ 1970's

Definitely my favourite colour scheme of the six -I love orange and lime green together, despite the horrific memories of our ugly 1970's kitchen!!

19 March 2009

Still have a Passion4Fashion...

Week 4 of the Passion4Fashion challenge over at Scrap Boutique, based on elements from the 1950's: natural fibres, gingham, monogram, denim, applique motif, ricrac ~


I've been dying to scrap these pics from last year, and this was the perfect challenge. I had fun playing with the fabric, haven't done that for ages.

16 March 2009

What I've been creating

... at Crafting in Style.

This is the layout "You're Special" which I created for our fund-raiser for cancer research last month. I really loved creating this one, and I loved presenting the class even more:


And my last Stylish Class Kit ~ "Cool Chick"~ is up in store now:

15 March 2009

Holiday layouts

One of the side-benefits of our recent holiday was a HUGE stash of new photographs!! I took over 1000 photographs (after culling, I might have around 800). Inspiration abounds now, no excuses.

This is the first layout I scrapped using my newest photographs. It's for the March Stash Stomper challenge over at Scrap Boutique, using Kate's sketch and at least four stickers. My stickers are from Carolee's Creations 'Timeless' range. I received a gorgeous product pack from Aussie Scrap Source over a year ago and I'd totally overlooked the sticker sheet until now.

The second one is for a challenge over at Heaven Sent, to scrap about a man in my life. I love this photograph so much.

13 March 2009

More Passion4Fashion layouts

Just sharing two more layouts that I completed for the Passion4Fashion challenge over at Scrap Boutique:

1960's - I really struggled with this one, and wasn't entirely happy with the end result, but it's growing on me. I focussed more on a conservative 'preppie' style with only a smidgen of 'hippie' style thrown in:

1920's - I did this one while I was on holidays and didn't have a huge selection of products with me, but I really like how it turned out. I focused on the lace, feathers and pearls, and the blue/grey/brown neutral colour scheme:

11 March 2009

Photo tag

I've been tagged by Rihani AND Kate for this one, and it works like this: Go to the sixth photo folder on your PC, then upload the sixth photo and explain what it's about. Then you tag six people and the game continues...

So, this is the sixth photograph in my sixth folder from my holiday shots in March 2009:

Hmmm, probably not the best photograph but it's very cute! I took this in Princes Park, Melbourne on 2nd March, when I met up with the gorgeous Laura Overdyk (who is a fellow DT over at Crafting in Style). This is my not-so-little girl, and Laura's two beautiful children playing together in the park. Just love that expression on Master L's face!!

I tag:
1> Laura (of course)
2> Leone (who will have zillions of photos to share when she gets home)
3> Liz (who should be taking lots of photos with her fancy Canon D-SLR)
4> Miss D (because I love it when she updates her blog)
5> Stace (because she has a brand new blog and this could be her first tag?)
6> Kerry (because I'm slack and haven't visited for a while)

Have fun :)

10 March 2009

Another page from Liz's Sketchbook

I just love Liz's sketches! The new sketch for March is ready, and here is my contribution:

The team is growing too... Stacey Young is now part of the fun, just love her style.

09 March 2009

Taste of Summer

Summer is over but there's still "A Taste of Summer" available at the CIS store now. This is my latest Stylish Kit:

And a little sneak-peek for the next one due out soon: