20 July 2013

Abandoned? Not really.

I feel I have abandoned my blog... but really, I still consider it a hiatus.

My blog has always been about my crafting projects, not about my "real" life.  Real life has taken some interesting and unexpected turns over the past 18 months or so, leaving very little time for craft projects.  Also, I don't share my personal trials and tribulations in the public arena.  Thus, nothing to blog about in this space. And blog-hopping only makes me feel like I'm missing out :(

I need to immerse myself in a project to enjoy it.  I need to surround myself with supplies. I need the time and space to clear my mind and just let go and create... and I haven't had that luxury for, well, it feels like forever.

On the plus side, I have been involved in some other wonderful things - volunteering in my local area, gardening - taming the wilderness just a little bit, and attending my daughter's school activities - which have taken up time and energy and also generated some great photographs!  So when I get back to scrapping (and I believe I will) I will have no shortage of subject matter.

So, not abandoned.  Just set aside.  For now.