23 July 2010

Hello, Dollies!!

Design Dollies invite you to "Hop through the Dollhouse" on our first blog hop for 2010!

If you've arrived from Penny's blog, then you're on track.  If you've come across the hop quite by accident, you can join in by starting at the beginning at Design Dollies and hopping across to each in order. If you get lost along the way, you can hop back there anytime to find your way again.

You can read the bio's of the original Dollies and the current design team over at the blog ~ lots of fun facts, stats and trivia there... and you can get to know us a little better this weekend by visiting our personal blogs and checking out our 'All About Me' projects.  Be sure to visit each of the Dollies and leave a comment at every blog - some of us *might* have a challenge or a question to answer and the chance to win a little surprise blog candy.

My project isn't exactly all about me; it's more about my scrappy styleHere it is:

What this layout says about me:
* I love monochromatic themes.
* I like to 'keep it simple' but add unexpected details.
* I'm a messy scrapper.  Often when creating I just grab whatever's on the desk and use it on my layout so I don't need to clean it up!!
* I like to doodle but I'm not very precise.
* I'm clumsy with paint!
* I seek (and find) ideas and inspiration from friends.  My layout was, in part, inspired by this fantastic Doll (scroll down to the bottom card). Can you see it?
* My creations don't always work out as expected, but I'm okay with that.

As a 'thank you' for joining our "Hop through the Dollhouse" and visiting my blog, I'm offering up a little prize. Here's a peek -->

There are too many different things to list them individually, but I can tell you there are products from My Mind's Eye, Tattered Angels, Paper Bliss, AdornIt, and Inque Boutique.  I'm also including some ribbons and buttons and other bits and pieces to fill the empty spaces in the envelope.  I am happy to post worldwide.

To enter the draw, you need to:   
1. Visit every Dollie and leave a message on their blog hop post.
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me which of the 'Dollies' on the Design Dollies banner head that you think is mine and WHY you think so.  Hint:  If you visit all of the Dollies, you may be able to work it out through a process of elimination!  Everyone who follows the instructions will go into the random prize draw.

You can leave as many comments as you like, but please leave only ONE Dollie guess. (I'm turning on comment moderation this weekend, so you won't be able to see what other visitors say.)  I'll announce the winner here on Monday or Tuesday when I reveal my next Design Dollie project.

Next on the "Hop through the Dollhouse" is Metal Minish - be sure to check out his amazing BJD's and papercrafting projects, and leave some love!

You've got till 10pm on Sunday (US Eastern Standard Time) to join in the fun...that's midday on Monday for Aussie east coast girls.

Hop to it!


  1. Ooooo LOVE that page Karen.....very RED!
    Who ever wins that lot will be one lucky chappy!

  2. Well from the sounds of things, I'm going to guess that your dollie is the first one on the left. I say that because "you like to add unexpected details" like the wings on that doll. And "you like to just add whatever's on your desk to a layout so you don't have to clean it up!!" and that sounds like the process someone went through when they made this doll! So many odd bits and pieces all rolled into one. But it is certainly beautiful - just like your finished layout here :-)

  3. GORGEOUS page Karen! I LOVE the netting. Monochromatic layouts are super fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. LOL LOL LOL... LOVE the layout... Only a scrapper would take a picture of such a thing! :) Hugs Dollie!

  5. Awesome layout....and by the way Penny says Hi...

    Very cool little giveaway.

    I think you are probably the little dollie in the red dress with the clip in her hair...why, becuase I see lots and lots of red in your work.

    Glad to hear youare a messy scrapper just like me!!!!lol isn't it fun!

  6. I believe the dollie in the back is yours. The one with the one in white with the blue flower. I just think it's yours because of the short hair.

  7. Penny says hi...
    I think you are dolly #9 in red
    I leave you with my favorite book from childhood in its entirety:
    Ann likes red. Red, red, red.
    Red hat. Red shoes. Ann likes red.
    The end

  8. Love your layout! I'm not finished with a project until I'm inky, painty or something else!

    I think your the barbie with the sunglasses! Don't know why but I do know what I love that doll.

  9. wonderful page.

    I think you are the dollie in the yellow dress. really no idea, but it is my guess.

  10. I love your RED layout and I should let myself get dirty with paint too!

  11. Such a cool LO, love that doodled border and all the redness matching the stained fingers! XD
    Quite different from a typical "about me" page, but that just makes it more awesome!

  12. I'm thinking you must be the red polka dotted dress dollie. Just a guess based on the page. Love the photo in that LO!

  13. Hi Karen! Lovely page (and I'm really enjoying your cocktail mini-album!)

    So... my guess for your Dollie would be the little miss in red on the right. Because... she looks like a Karen? Er, I don't know, maybe because your page is red and she's all in red... and that's just what makes me think so :)

  14. OMG, how utterly FLATTERING! i adore you, girlfriend! i can't believe your GORGEOUS page was remotely inspired by my humble little card! the mesh looks AWESOME and your talent with the monochromatic puts my lame attempts to shame!

    much, much love across the miles and the oceans. xo

    oh, and i know which dollie is yours, but i have the advantage, so i'll keep mum on that. ;)

  15. What a fun LO!!!! And your dolly??? Oh this is soooo difficult..... maybe the one with black and white stripes with the white glasses??? (2nd from left)

  16. I LOVEEE your layout.
    reminds me of when did the school run not realising my glasses and face were splattered with rainbow colours (been bubble painting). No one mentioned it until my son just stared and laughed.

    I think your dolly is the one with red polka dot sree and red hair slide :)

    hopping off to the next blog....

  17. I have no clue about the dollie.....UGH!! But totally dig this LO!!!

  18. Lovely LO!

    My guess for you is the doll with the white clothing, her hair is exactly the same as the blog avatar!!!

  19. I love all the red in the layout! Red is my favorite :)

    I'm guessing the doll on the right end is you.

  20. I love the 3D quality of your LO – I love monochromatic work too.

    I think your dollie is No. 7 in her little white dress with the blue flower because her hair looks like yours.

  21. Hey Karen love the LO soo funky! I think your dollie is the ever so cute dollie wearing red on the right hand side probably wrong but hey ho! x

  22. LOL! Great layout!! My hands look like that too sometimes - usually with glue though!
    I think you are the paper dollie 3rd in from the right.

  23. Hi Karen,
    LOOOOVE the monochromatics! So encouraging! I would have to guess that the dolly that represents you would be the super cool dolly in the black and white stiped dress, with the super cool white sunnies! This would be due the monocromatic-ness of this outfit.
    Keep Going! This is fab!

  24. Such a neat LO! I'm guessing the one in the back with the white dress holding the blue flowers.... but that's just a random guess... not great at this!! Robin

  25. I love that layout it is so vibrant.. Well done

    Janie Boots

  26. Great layout but yours always are... Already know your doll so hahahaha Im not going to tell. Great prize!

  27. Hi Karen popping by on the Dolly blog hop:) Penny said to say hi (lol)... Im thinking you are the cartonn dolly at the back... thats just a random guess tho lol:)


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