07 July 2010

Grrrrr at Blogger

Now, I am not a hugely popular blogger, and I usually receive only 3-4 messages on any given post, or maybe a dozen on a good day... and I treasure every single one! I'm not about chasing comments but I do like to acknowledge and reciprocate. So, when Blogger plays up and stuffs up my comment count and 'disappears' comments I am not a very happy girl!! If you can't see your comment, I promise I didn't delete it (unless it's one of those charming spams linking to an Asian porn site). Blogger assures me that the comment really is there, it's just not visible!

It appears I'm not alone, so if you are experiencing the same problem, here's the link to (maybe) get something done about it:


Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon and my lovely comments will magically reappear :)

EDITED 9/7/10: Yay, it seems to be fixed for now...


  1. I understand the frustration, thought I was imagining this myself. I hate when the comments are gone.
    I also find my #'s are always off. Weird stuff some times.

  2. SMOOCH to you, hunneh! i know the feeling - i'm not all about the hit counter or popularity thing, but i have had my hit counter reset TWICE, and it's ridiculous! how hard is it for them to get some SIMPLE little details right, when people are doing complicated banking transactions using the same technology?!

  3. That just sux K....hope they work it all out for you sweetie.
    Love love love your LO for the DD challenge site...such a beautiful relaxed photo of you and J..love to you

  4. How very frustrating! I have friends who lost their whole blogs.... just disappeared one day. Hope it gets solved for you soon. I like visiting here.

  5. Promise I'm not an Asian porn spammer. Bummer about missing comments - I love getting them as well. You and J have been busy I see - some great cards and layouts there.

  6. Yes yes indeed. I am right there with you, from the missing comments to the asian porn (gggrrrrrr!!!!) to the not being tremendously high on the hit counter, lol. AND, I can't seem to leave comments either, I'd say half have ended in errors, blogger errors of some variety. Now let's just see if this one goes through...

  7. Lol, indeed it did.....



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