19 September 2010

Handmade flowers

I've been making LOTS of handmade flowers lately - it's fun and addictive and the possibilities are endless.

The first layout was for the Shop 101 assignment (what we call 'Manual Arts' or 'Industrial Arts' class in Australia). The criteria was to create a layout that clearly shows some creative use of tools.

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I used a decorative edge punch to make some flowers - I've never tried this before and I was pleased with the result. Basically I just punched some strips of paper, and pleated them in a spiral pattern from outside to centre, and secured on a small circle. Easy-peasy! And for my second tool, I used my smallest scissors to fussy-cut some birds from patterned paper.

The next one is for the Scrap Boutique Stylist Challenge - Manon set a challenge to create a layout with a spring theme, and using handmade flowers:

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(It's a lazy layout, just a single piece of Making Memories patterned diecut paper, and everything else slapped down on top, with a little bit of fussy cutting to overlap the photographs.  The background isn't part of the layout - I just placed it on a pizza box to photograph it.)   And I can never resist a little detail shot; I am in love with these flowers!


  1. I love the flowers you made for Shop 101, I am a little behind with my uni at present, so I will have to pull my horns in as the classes for the week will be up later tonight hey. I love the second one too, you know those flowers you make are just beautiful, beats just sticking down a bought one, and they look really good too. Had a little laugh though when you said you just slapped them down lol, I feel like that sometimes too. Melxx

  2. I am so copying those flowers, right now!!! great lo's as usual. x


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