29 September 2010

Art classes at Nook U

Over at My Scrapbook Nook, there were two 'art classes' as part of the Nook U challenge.

Art Class 110 focussed on doodling:

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I had fun doodling the flowers, leaves and borders:

And I made my own hand-drawn alphabets for the title:

The second Art Class was a bit more challenging for me, considering I still labour under a paint-shyness affliction... but it was super fun!  The criteria was to create anything, using at least two different paint media:

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I used GlimmerMist and acrylic paint - I'm sure this is the most paint I have EVER used on a layout. And I might have been channelling my inner Stacey Young (yeah, right...) because those thick chunky paint swirls are something I've never done before. I have had something similar filed in the back of my mind though, ever since seeing Stace's tutorial back in February.  It didn't turn out quite like I pictured it - first the lime green made a huge blob (oops) and then the acrylic paint took THREE days to dry because I started the layout on a rainy day.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the layout features another photograph of the Mel's adorable little man - he was such a willing subject!


  1. Beautiful work! It is so great to see you joining in over at Nook U! I loooove the thick paint swirls too - they look fab!

  2. Oh these LOs are just divine! Great work!!

    Shelee :)

  3. *lol* at your "inner Stacey Young", but I see what you mean :-)
    Love the mix of mist, masks and paint!

  4. Wow... those paint swirls are cool! Really eye catching LO! Robin

  5. Very inspiring! Love those paint swirls on the second one. Though the photo is black and white and doesn't actually look like "sunshiny", but the background and those cute paint things add so much color and fun!


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