22 August 2008

More about Stylish Class Kits

My Child of the Universe class kit at Crafting in Style has SOLD OUT , how cool is that? Well, maybe not so cool for anyone that missed out, but the great news is that the instructions are available as a PDF download... for only 99c. Those who have seen my class kits before will know that I create very detailed step-by-step instructions, with photographs... bargain! AND I can be contacted via the forum for extra assistance if required.

This is the first layout in the kit:

There is a companion layout included in the kit too, but that's only for those who purchase the kit or download the instructions.

My next Stylish Class Kit, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, is now up in the store. It is a very versatile design which will suit just about any layout theme, and features layering and circles:


For anyone who already has the materials at hand, this class also has a PDF download option for 'instructions only'


  1. i wanna me one of those circle ones!!! nice work karen

  2. excuse me?? Sold out already???
    Wow, that's awesome Karen!!

    Hey come and have a look at my blog :)



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