15 July 2014

Kings' Palace

I've been really busy at work the past few weeks and haven't had a lot of free time at home for scrapping.  But I've been sorting through some of my photo files and thought I'd upload a little off the page project I completed earlier this year:

What I did:  I altered an old baking tray tray by sanding it back to get rid of the rust, then painting with outdoor paint.  We have a seeming endless supply of heritage green paint in the shed!

I glued some large die cut monogram letters (Daisy D's Gypsy Harvest collection) onto the tray, and outlined them with marker pen before coating the whole lot with varnish to seal it.

The end result is a sign for our king quail enclosure (hence Kings' Palace) which is eye-catching and just a little bit different.  Here's what it looks like attached to the hutch:

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  1. wow what a clever idea, looks amazing too. I hope those birdies appreciate your beautiful artwork
    Claire xx


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