09 October 2010

Nook U Finals #1

I'm thrilled that I made it to the top 15, and I'm now in the finals...  but what a scary first final!!  We had to design a mini-album, with at least 8 pages, and incorporate at least three of the previous Nook U classes.

I included elements from Art Class 110 (doodling), Art Class (paint), English Literature (journalling), Home Economics (stitching and ribbons).
Paint media used: Gesso; GlimmerMist - ; acrylic paint - Making Memories "Eat Carrots".

I also included Typography 101 (the front cover title) and Shop 101 (I used my scalloped edge punch to make flowers, and I even used those little thin paper strips from the edge of the punching to make some little 'starburst' flowers.)

I didn't have a mini-album to use, so I made my own by altering this newsletter:

I painted on a coat of gesso, then GlimmerMist-ed with two colours - "Terracotta Gold" and "Key Lime Pie". I had a little production line happening! It took ages to dry with all the wet weather we've been having lately, but I was happy with the result. It's got a gorgeous glimmery sheen.

I'm sure that this album will expand sometime soon, but for now, this is the completed version for the challenge. 

Click to enlarge on any image:


  1. Oh wow...no wonder you are a finialist....this is so lovely. Lots of work. Congratulations.

  2. Oh my gosh! This is absolutely stunnning! Would you be interested in running an online scrapbooking class or something? I would love to learn from you!
    Alicia xx

  3. Karen...this mini album is absolutely stunning!! Your creativity knows no bounds!

  4. The finals have been absolutely NUTS!! Good Luck!

  5. Simply stunning! I love the pictures and all of the work you put into this!


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