20 May 2010

What I've been doing this week

... is *not a lot*

My mojo has run off, probably hiding somewhere with my broken body clock and my housework fairy.

I have been blog-hopping here and there, seeking inspiration and just peeking in at other people's creative pursuits.

I checked out an awesome Blog Hop at Pink Ninja Addicts - these girls are just amazing, so fun and funky.

I'm trying to win this awesome kit ~ which would be the ultimate in mojo boost!!


  1. Hi Karen! I think perhaps your "Mojo" went on vacation with my "Mojo"...I can't seem to find any inspiration these days, either! :o( Hopefully they'll be back before too long!!!



  2. hey Karen, thanks for dng the blog hop..maybe when you getyour mojo back it will come back twice as good....best wishes for a great weekend G

  3. Karen, my Mojo has just come creeping back, so don't despair he will return, just needs a little break, wow how super gorgeous is that kit, I am going to do that amazing hop. I hope you have a great day and yours comes creeping back when you wake up. Love Melxx

  4. dont worry its not just your mojo and house cleaning fairy - the whole lot have gone AWOL


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