30 March 2010

A blog award

A little while ago I received a blog award from Penny,  who is an American cardmaker, resident in Italy, and she also does amazingly creative designs with diecuts. Thanks Penny xx

I have to share ten interesting things about me (I always find this really hard!!)

1.  I when I get my nails manicured, I usually choose a French polish.
2.  I love going to the gym and my favourite class is Body Balance.
3.  I enjoy sewing and one of my goals this year is to use my sewing machine for more than just scrapbooking!
4.  I'm a really bad cook. Seriously. But I can make an amazing cheesecake.
5.  I'm a coffee addict (I think I might have shared that piece of imformation previously). It has to be real coffee, not the instant stuff.
6.  The last movie I saw was Avatar - I went with my husband. I'm not on top of everything trendy - the movie has been showing for months and we only just got around to seeing it.
7.  I got a new piercing recently (just tossing that in the list to see how many people actually read my blog ramblings very closely, hehe)
8.  I love creating monochromatic layouts and cards (probably no surprises there!!) and it's one of my favourite techniques.
9. I love all kinds of dairy products - milk, cheese, yoghurt - a major weakness for me.
10.  I'm allergic to aspirin.

Next, I have to nominate ten beautiful bloggers ~ I always have trouble with this too, because I don't know how to narrow it down.  So I am passing on this award to every blogger on my sidebar.  I guess that's taking the easy way out, but I truly think they are all beautiful, that's why I have them there!!


  1. where did you get the piercing

  2. LOL yes about the piercing Karen...where and when??? You are right about the cheesecake, absolutely divine, can't make it anywhere near as good as you, and yep about you and your coffee fix...BTW , you make a good coffee.I haven't seen avatar either...is it good?

  3. ahem.
    yes, i'd like to know, too!

    ('cuz i'm all about the body mod stuff, myself, so let's bond!)

  4. Con grats on the award. I fiannaly managed to get to yr blog ;0) I love yr LOs and yr kiddies sweet creations too! Good luck in my candy give away

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Yes the piercing never got past these eyes either Karen, and wow how is that being allergic to asprin, I pray you don't get many headaches, I share your coffee problem, I have just reduced myself down to 3/4 cups a day. Are you going to share what your extra piercing entails. I am guessing perhaps a 2nd earring. Love Melxx

  6. LOL!! It's my belly button :) I'm having a milestone birthday this year and crossing some things off my list... and I "might" do a layout (with photo) all about it when it's healed well enough to photograph *wink*

  7. WOW!! That's 'out there' for you!! Good on you though! Yes and I look forward to seeing a layout including photo!


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