12 April 2009

Must be the clouds in my eyes

I was over at Miss D's reading her photography wish list... and her inclusion of 'clouds' really hit home for me. I take so-o-o-o many photographs of clouds and I am never entirely happy with the result. I'm still searching for the perfect cloud photograph, I can never quite get the lighting right, and I suppose the camera will never truly capture the beauty of the real thing. I keep trying though.

I took these photographs of storm clouds over our neighbourhood on 16th March, just before a huge hailstorm passed over us:

Storm clouds 1Storm clouds 2

This week I scrapped some cloud photographs which I took through the front windscreen of the car during our recent holiday:


Credit to Sir Elton John for the title, a line from one of my favourite EJ songs.


  1. OMG Karen, that is one gorgeous LO .Wow, such beautiful clear photos too.

  2. Your layout looks just beautiful!!! Those cloud pictures are so lovely.

  3. love elton!!! gorgeous layout karen

  4. What stunning photos and how you've scrapped them.... just gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Karen! Love how you've scrapped them! Love those hail clouds above too! They'd make a gorgeous LO too I reckon!


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