22 January 2009

ADSR4 - Week 3

Challenge 5 was super tricky for me, but I did manage to come up with something that fit the criteria ~ no photographs, three different frames with no pictures in them:

Dream Destination 2

It took me two tries to get it right, but it still feels a bit 'forced' to me. Then I looked at some of the other gorgeous entries and thought, "Why didn't I think of that?" With digital I'm still at the stage where every time I look at one of my layouts I can see something I would change. I will be over that when I start with a digital creation in mind, instead of trying to re-create 'what I would have done' with a paper layout.

Challenge 6 was a 'roadblock' - so it was just me competing this time. I had to scraplift my partner's layout, flip it then tilt it, and use exactly the same number of elements. This is my take:


As always, full product credits are listed in my NDISB gallery.


  1. These layouts are awesome Karen! You are being very talented and doing both paper and digi scrapping. Well done.

  2. Oh great idea with your no photo digi layout - loving the theme of your Dream Destination.

    And of course I love your Friends" layout - I showed Zane and he thought it was cool seeing that photo again!

    You "almost" make me want a Pixie Stix!

  3. Gorgeous work Karen!! You are awesome at digi as well. Love that photo of Zane and Jazi, so sweet :)


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