25 April 2016

Pixels and Paper - team training

This is a copy of the post that I created for Pixels and Paper - team training feature for April.

This year I succumbed to popular culture and bought myself a pretty planner.  A really nice Kikki K one.  (I am going to be more organised.  I am.  I hope.)  We're well into the year, and I'm still using it and loving it. So far, so good!

But I've discovered I don't have enough dividers to categorise the information I want to keep in there. I know lots of people use mobile apps for this stuff, but there are some things I find easier to deal with on paper.

So I decided to make my own dividers.  It's super simple AND cost effective because I'm using up my old scrapbooking stash.  Here's what I did for my first one:

1>  I took one of the original dividers that came with the planner, and used it as a template.

I traced the design onto my chosen patterned paper, and cut it out.  (Does anyone know how just old this Cloud9 paper is??)  I also added some penwork around the edge, but that's just something I do. For this one, I added a strip of washi tape to cover up the product information strip, and it also helped to reinforce the edge.

2> Next, I added a little title to my divider.

This section of my planner will contain the J-girl's school timetable and extra-curricular activities so I can keep track of my taxi-service commitments.  Another opportunity to use up some old stash (Arctic Frog alphabet stickers - and I even used two Z's!!)

3> Here's what it looks like, inserted in the planner:

4>  I've written "JAZZ" on the tab since taking this photograph:

I enjoyed customising my planner, and I especially enjoyed using up some old stash in the process.  I hope I have inspired you to think differently about your old stash, and find new way to use it.

Here is a FLASHBACK to the team training feature I did last year.

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