24 October 2011

A little bit grungy

I've been enjoying the Passion for Fashion challenges at Scrap Boutique over the past few weeks, and loving the chance to push myself a bit.   This week it's all about grunge - a style I love but don't actually indulge in very often:

GRUNGE - A category which was made popular during the early 90's. It creates an emphasis of younger generations, exaggerated constructions, the ripped, unloved look was popular.

Colour - Could be anything. Camoflage was popular.
Lines - Unstructured, sometimes exaggerated and unusual.
Textures - Popular (natural, blend or synthetic fibers), knits or canvas, frayed hems.
Effects - Youthful, confident but sometimes impractical. Most designs died quickly.
Needs - Easy pieces, but sometimes wild and usually inexpensive.
Favourite accessory - All kinds, real or fakes, inexpensive accessories including disposables.
Note: Notice the exaggerated lines, sometimes out-of-this-world. Different styles were popularized by Madonna and Cindy Lauper in the 80's. Very artistic and sometimes unexplainable designs.

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I had fun with the paper-tearing, paint and stapling.  My layout focuses on thecriteria of unstructured lines and inexpensive accessories, and the overall effect of youth, confidence, and sometimes wild.  The photographs were taken at the 21st Century Kids program at GOMA in Brisbane - there was a giant twin slippery slide inside the gallery foyer!


  1. Wow, cool slides!!! Love this page, so much fun! I'm surprised they didn't mention plaid flannel, I always wore a plaid flannel shirt in the 90's!

  2. i like grungy. this is awesome!

    hugs :)


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