13 January 2010

Girly stuff!

Just sharing something a bit different for me - a sewing project. I used to sew a lot, but since I took up scrapping, my machine has seen more cardstock and paper than it has fabric. This is the dress that I made for my daughter for Christmas:

I was originally planning a skirt but I found some awesome rouched fabric and thought it would be fun to make a sun dress for summer. My little tomboy only owns one dress, but lately she's become a bit more interested in dressing up. I even bought some matching hair ribbons!

She loves it, all I need to do now is get it away from her so I can shorten the straps...


  1. Jaz looks so pretty in that sundress! Love the colour and the cute pattern.
    Sounds like your sewing machine has gone in the same direction as mine lol

  2. oh, she's so cute! and what a great dress - those straps look fabulous, and i love the ribbons and pigtails!

    i should have KNOWN you were a little seamstress, too. sheesh! is there anything you CAN'T do?

  3. soooo beautiful! gorgeous model too jazi!! love the criss cross back too xo

  4. Gorgeous dress..love the material..the model is cute as well...
    Mandy xx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Karen, you are so talented!!!!
    What a cute little model too, gosh Jazi is growing up so much!

    Laura xoxo

  6. Delete Comment From: Being Karen

    Blogger Ros said...

    Beautiful Karen you are a clever girl now and Jaz looks just stunning wish I could do that ....lol

    A woman of many talents well done

  7. She looks gorgeous!! Love your short hair Jazi Kate! Mum did a super job making your dress, it's beautiful!!


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