21 September 2009

Purple stuff??

One of my scrappy New Years Resolutions this year was to conquer my purple phobia.  It shouldn't be hard - I actually LOVE purple, I wear it a lot and I find it very calming... but I never feel comfortable scrapping purple, it never looks right when I use it.  Anyway, I've been working on it... using the odd bits of purple that find their way into my stash somehow!

Last month over at Scrap Boutique, Manon did a fabulous tutorial on making a never-ending card.  With my OTP track record, I wasn't very confident that it would work for me, so I used a piece of pale purple cardstock from my stash (no great loss if I mess it up!!) and lots of mauve patterned papers offcuts.  It actually turned out better than I expected, and I was happy with how the colours came together:

This one is a layout I did based on Liz's sketch at the September Scrap Boutique cybercrop this past weekend:

The colour scheme (purple and aqua) wasn't a requirement for the challenge, but Liz did issue a me personal challenge a few weeks ago to use that colour combination on a layout.  I've been procrastinating, but now that I've done it, I really like it!!  And I noticed afterwards too... no patterned paper! 


  1. You have done purple very well!!! Your never ending card looks awesome.

  2. Holy, no pattern paper!!!!! I bet that was hard, I know it would be for me! Your purple layouts are awesome. I think it is a colour alot of us don't use much of!! Have a lovely week :)

  3. they are both gorgeous karen, you do such a sweet job on your pages!!!

  4. They look gorgeous Karen! The purple is great!

  5. Excellent work with the purple/teal combo Karen. Love your never ending card - mine does not look like that lol.

  6. Love that card Karen! Gorgeous papers too! And that layout is just beautiful. Love your work, and the purple is cool too!

    Can't wait to catch up next week!

  7. Ha, I think you've now conquered your purple phobia! Love the layouts, fab job!

    And hmmm, my never ending card didn't quite turn out. Must have another go and get it right this time. One little fold was off I think, and that caused the whole card to go skew-if!

  8. I love your purple and teal layout Karen - it rocks & works really well! Love the card too ;-)
    Can't wait for tmrw's cc!


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