15 March 2008


I'm having fun at the Crafting in Style Chocolicious cybercrop this weekend.

Challenge 1: Tatum challenged us to use hand-colouring.

Challenge 2: Ally challenged us to seek inspiration from a Faberge egg. I used the colour red, curves, pearls and metallic thread:

Bird's Eye

Challenge 3: My turn to create a sketch and create a layout about chocolate!


Just love that quote by Lucy from Peanuts: "All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!" A girl after my own heart!

And on the topic of chocolate, no-one has guessed the correct number of chocolates yet (as of 3pm Queensland time)


so there is still time to post a guess or two.

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  1. love the layout1 i headed over to take a guess but it was too late:( but at least I've found a couple new pages (your blog and crafting in style)


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