26 February 2008

On your mark... get set...

The Amazing Digi Scrap Race has started... and I have completed Challenge 1:

Feeling a bit relieved actually, because I was a bit nervous at first and worried that I was out of my depth. But it's fun... and I can do 'fun' :) And all those freebie digital kits that I have been storing away are finally going to see the light of day on some layouts.

I was going to list each and every kit that I used on my digi-layouts, but it's way too hard. None of the elements is my own creation (although I have altered some), all of it is (or has been) available free online. Credits are given in the NDISB gallery and I am more than happy to let anyone know where I sourced something if you are interested.

The brushes are from Design Fruit which is still my all-time favourite brush site.

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  1. Looks great Karen i'm so not a digi scrapper i like the touch and feel thing lol.


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