11 December 2007

More stamping

I tried the second of Kaz's stamping technique challenges over at Crafting in Style. This one was to stamp onto a book page or newspaper. I went off on a slight tangent and stamped onto a black-and-white photocopied page:

Just a quick, fun LO about my MP3 player (which I still haven't worked out how to load music onto):


  1. great LO Karen, hope you work out how to load the music onto your mp3 player soon!! btw you sound a bit like me, dd asked me to load some music (bindi irwin's cd, to be presice!!) onto her mp3 player about a year ago, i got the music onto it, but don't ask me how i did it, it was a fluke i think :-)

  2. What a cute fun layout, love the soft girliness, the tags with ribbons is gorgeous.
    You can do anything in Photoshop, I am sure you can manage an MP3!!!!! LOL!!!!Have you iTunes or Windows Media Player????


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