29 October 2007

Seven random facts

I have been tagged by Jolene, to share seven random things about me:

1> I love orange gazanias (I took this photo at the beginning of spring this year)
2> My favourite colour is blue - any and every shade
3> I would love to travel to Venice... it's my dream holiday destination
4> I can't touch my toes, never been able to
5> My first pet was a Siamese fighting fish called Cousteau
6> I am bilingual
7> I am, and always have been, a night owl
And I tag...
Liz and Dee


  1. Oh wow you are quick as lightning! Did you find them hard to do? haha.
    Loved learning more about you.

  2. cool Karen - hey what other language do you speak?
    When you do eventually travel to Venice (which is lovely by the way) make sure and do it in winter - it STINKS in summer - which kinda spoils the romance.

  3. Oh some noice info there Karen, thanks for the tag :-)

    Love that orange flower :-)

    It was great catching up last week. Hope work this week isn't too bad for you :-(

    Hope to see you again soon ;-)


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