30 September 2007

Stopping the moment

... at night. Lesson 5 of the CIS 'Stop the Moment' photography competition focussed on night time photography. This is something I really struggle with, so I enjoyed the chance to practise in this area.

Here are my entries:

Part 1 - Night time scene photography:

Part 2 - Photographing people at night:

Part 2 - Low light in-home photography:

I chose the first photograph for my layout. The layout I planned was totally different but didn't come together at all like I expected, so I threw it all aside and went with blue, green and simple:


  1. Love the photos Karen. I really need to practice myself.

    I have also nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award

    mwah Lea xx

  2. Great photos Karen, I especially love the 1st one...great layout too:-)

  3. Really loved what you did with the night time LO, love the colours of the PP, they go so well with the colours in the photo, gorgeous!!


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